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Laurie Wilson, Trainer
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About Natural Leadership Horse Training
 I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA   I have been riding horses ever since I could sit up straight.  Inspired by my dad, a seasoned and passionate horseman, I did some pole bending and barrel racing as a kid and loved to trail ride.   As I got older, I had some challenging horses that led me to natural horsemanship.  I became a high level Parelli student and those difficult horses ended up being my greatest teachers.  I decided it was time to give up my marketing  job to pursue horse training full time.  That was over 20 years ago, since then, I have developed a variety of horse passions, including dressage, trick training, obstacle challenges, working equitation, and horse soccer.  I also fell madly in love with a Mule I named Toby Jack.  Toby Jack and I compete in Working Equitation, obstacle challenges, trail ride and love to chase cows. My 16.3 hand horse Spur was a cross between a racking horse and a QH.  He was my trick horse and high level dressage partner . Sadly he passed away in 2020.   In September of 2021 I adopted a 12 month old Antelope Valley Mustang.   I named him Salvar (which means to save or rescue).  Salvar is quickly becoming my new Trick star and I am so excited about our future together.  I also have Champ, who is a 14.3 hand QH who thinks he is an arabian!  He is 30 years old and he is my liberty and horse soccer star.
 I live in Powder Springs, GA on a small farmette with my QH & Mule, two goats, five dogs, and three chickens.  My beloved horse Spur passed away in 2020.
My husband, Marty.  My oldest son, Austen and my youngest son, James
Committed to helping you achieve your dreams
Tuffee, Daisy, Roxy, 
Callie & Ringo